Our family background lies in agriculture and, at the turn of the new millennium, we decided to embark on a journey that brought us back to our roots, purchasing Le Verzure: a farm nestled among the rolling hills of the Siena region in a land shaped by winemaking since the Etruscan period, around 600 b.C.

For us, this place is a dream come true for decades flocks of sheep have grazed our land, keeping the soil alive and healthy.

Our project starts here, from the land and its natural vocation for vine growing. When we arrived at Le Verzure we transformed the large fields, previously planted with alfalfa, into olive groves and beautiful Sangiovese vineyards.

A few years later we replanted a small vineyard with Malvasia and Trebbiano, autoctone varieties as well, to produce our only white wine, elegant and powerful at the same time.

Our estate covers around 43 hectares (106 acres) of woods, arable land, olive groves and vineyards. We are certified organic since 2015.


Our agriculture is clean and responsible; we do not use any chemicals that could harm the ecosystem or alter it in any way. Our wines are born from the land and the close bond between men, terroir and vineyards: a true symbiosis that demands care and respect every single day. The same philosophy also guides us in the cellar, where we use only traditional natural fermentation techniques, which highlight the distinctive features of the grape varieties and the quality of the wines.
Every year we manage to create something truly unique: wines full of character, with their own specific personality, and always respectful of the millennial tradition of Toscana.


Our vineyards cover around 6,5 hectars (16 acres), five hectars are occupied by Vigna Alta (Higher Vineyard) and Vigna Bassa (Lower Vineyard), where we produce two different Crus of Sangiovese Grosso grapes: Il Bruno and Rosso Bruno, respectively.

Every year, after the harvest we sow legumes, medicinal herbs and grasses in alternating rows. This process favours the repopulation of the land with insects and small animals whilst the vines are dormant, increasing the soil’s lifespan and providing competition for pests.

We follow the principles of biodynamic agriculture, fundamental from our point of view to keep the soil fertile and the plants healthy.

Every operation in the vineyards is carried out by hand, starting with pruning and binding. Before the grapes change color, we green harvest, leaving a maximum of 5 clusters for each vine. Then, in September or October, according to the season, we harvest and bring the grapes in the cellar using small bins. A further selection follows, then the fruit is destemmed and falls into fermenting vats, where the alcoholic fermentation starts spontaneously and no selected yeasts are used.

Woods of oaks and Mediterranean bush surround the vineyards at Le Verzure., creating a unique environment of biodiversity.


Tenuta le Verzure is located near Montalcino, just 3 kilometres (2 miles) apart from the Northwestern limits of the Brunello Appellation.

Our terroir produces a unique Sangiovese, structured and refined, always elegant.
We offer two different Crus of Sangiovese, each one with its peculiarities: in Vigna Bassa we produce RossoBruno, lighter in color, with great drinkability and a fruity aroma.
From Vigna Alta we source the grapes for IlBruno, more structured and complex, with a great ageing potential.
Both red wines were first produced in 2013 vintage.

To complete our range, in 2013 we replanted an old vineyard with Trebbiano and Malvasia, the white autochthone varietals of the area. The first vintage of our white wine, BiancoAugusto, was 2015, with 70% Trebbiano and 30% Malvasia.


This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a golden hue with green flex.  Herbaceous on the nose with delicate apple, olive, ripe tomato, almond and hazelnut on the palate.

A delicate oil suited to a broad range of cooking and dressings but particularly good with lighter pasta or rice based dishes as well as fresh water fish and lettuce based salads.


Near the Etruscan ruins of Murlo, in the magical small village of La Befa and surrounded by Mediterranean bush, lies Le Verzure: a farm flanked by olive groves and vineyards, with a wonderful view of Montalcino and the Merse Valley.

Our Wine tour and Tastings include a walk in the vineyards, a stop in our small artisanal cellar and the tutored tasting of our three wines, plus a sip of our beloved extra virgin olive oil.

The farmhouse has two independent apartments furnished in a traditional Tuscan style, as well as the main house, recently renovated paying respect to the original structure, that can accommodate up to nine people.

Our guests can enjoy our swimming pool, sanitized without the use of chlorine.


Azienda Agricola Le Verzure
Strada Maremmana n. 80
53106 Murlo – Siena

Email: antonella@leverzure.it
 (+39) 335 726 0888